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A woman can prosper on her own.

Women speak up on their international day

It is troublesome to live in a world full of successful women,

Women’s international day is an important occasion to remind women that they can prosper to the best image they wanted for themselves and make their ancestors proud in their graves. A woman would want to feel loved and cherished because simply that’s what a human being craves. A woman would cave in sometimes because her soul is too little to contain all the injustice imposed upon her. A woman would lose her voice, for she’s been sent further to silence many times.

Women's international day bring women closer

A woman would give up on the one true love of her life because she’ll convince herself that she’s no good for this one precious soul. A woman will grieve for the rest of her life not working on sharpening her own voice to slaughter the throats of them who try to silence her. A woman will be lucky to have the love of a caring young man who looks at her as a significant being, a being that can charm just by waking up, that can sneeze perfumes and that her existence is definitely not a threat for his manhood.

Leading women celebrating Women's international day by doing their job

A woman must learn to love her flaws,

her extra pounds, and to help her sisters in need, to lend them their voice, to fight for them, to build a better reality for them. A woman has to knit a world, provide for her family, and not lose her sanity all at once. However, a woman will always sit on a weary coach with a flask in one hand and a divine souvenir in the other, contemplating about all the things she’s missing out on the other side of the green grass.

Women’s international day as an attribute.

Fearless women have raised a new generation of females who’d turn a deaf ear to anybody who will try to convince them that a woman has got to act, walk, drink or even feel a specific way. As if she is a container or a mould to be sculpted the way the universe desires.

One can never forsake all the unfortunate brave ladies asking for one chance to prosper to what their peers have, or maybe even to win them.

It never escapes us on Women’s international day for a moment that the prosperity of a whole generation was thanks to the misery and suffering of another, therefore, Women’s day has got to be an annual occasion to remind us to pay attribute to brave women who taught us how to speak out for whatever irritates us, even the most trifle matters, cause if you allowed a match to carry on igniting a piece of cloth, soon the whole dress will be in fire. It is, indeed, a significant occasion to celebrate our mothers, older sisters, understanding females who never allowed bigoted men to mock their dreams and strangle their freedom.

Emma Watson once said, “a universe is a huge place, how are we going to work on developing it, if half the population isn’t invited to participate in the process?!” I always say that a woman can prosper on her own, however, every time a woman stands up for herself, she does all females favour. That is a precious reminder for us on Women’s international day.


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