Will the taste of food be more delicious when we eat it with our hands? .. Know the opinion of science



Does our feeling of food change when we eat it with our hands?

It seems like a study at the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey noted that eating by hand makes it taste better,

but it also makes you eat more.

According to the British journal “Daily Mail“, the study’s researchers say: The ability to touch food with our hands increases our sense of the size and composition of the food we eat, and this indicates that even before the food arrives the mouth, touching it makes the brain think that it is more delicious and more satisfying than if Was using the cutlery.

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The results of the study were published in the “Marketing Magazine” specialized in marketing art.

“The effect of touching food by hand is interesting,” said Adriana Madzarov, a sensory marketing researcher at Stevens Institute of Technology.

“It is a small touch but it can change how people value a product.”

The “Madzarov” had previously conducted a study that revealed that the smell of coffee has a wonderful effect on our evaluation of it.


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