U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

U.S. SECRETARY Mike Pompeo will travel to Germany early this week to attend the Libya conference and work to strengthen the ceasefire, the State Department said Thursday.

On Sunday, Germany will host a summit of Libyan parties to end the war and resume peace talks.

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“The successful outcome will be the main issue of a ceasefire,” a senior U.S. Department official told reporters at a telephone conference. Of course, it would be good to have other things, but the basis will be a continuation of the ceasefire.”

On Monday, Moscow hosted a round of talks between Libyan National Army commander Khalifa Haftar and Al-Sarraj in an attempt to reach a ceasefire agreement, but the next day, Moscow announced Haftar’s departure without signing a ceasefire agreement.

Nevertheless, she stressed that the willingness of both parties to the conflict to support a ceasefire had created a positive atmosphere amid a diplomatic effort to stabilize the country.

The draft agreement contained loopholes rejected by Haftar, as al-Sarraj sought to legalize a new body called the “Tripoli Parliament” to strike Libya’s elected parliament.

The draft sought to give Khaled al-Mashri, the arm of Turkey and Qatar in Libya, more powers by reviving a brotherhood advisory body known as the Council of State, an entity formed by the 2015 Skhirat Agreement for advisory tasks only, controlled by the terrorist organization the Brotherhood.

Not only did al-Sarraj’s delegation accompany the Turkish delegation during the negotiations, but Al-Wefaq Foreign Minister Mehmet Taher Syala rushed to Istanbul, as soon as the negotiations in Moscow stopped.


Turkey: We do not plan to withdraw from Libya

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