Trump: New Space Command Key to US Defense

Trump new Space Command key to US defense
USA President Trump speaks through a signing ceremony for 'Space Policy Directive 4' in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

The U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday the Pentagon has established U.S. Space Command to reserve American dominance and he Declaring space crucial to the nation’s defense

Trump said in a Rose Garden ceremony: “This is a landmark day” one that knows the centrality of space to America’s national security and defense.”

The Space Force, become a dependable ovation line for Donald Trump at his campaign rallies, which has yet to win final approval by Congress.

The renewed attention on space as a military field reflects worry about the weakness of U.S. military and commercial satellites, that are dangerous to U.S. interests and are possibly susceptible to disruption by Chinese and Russian anti-satellite weaponries.

The duty of the new Space Command is to conduct processes such as allowing satellite-based navigation and communications and providing cautionary of missile launches abroad.

Congress has inched toward to approve the construction of a Space Force despite skepticism from both parties. The House and Senate bills vary on some points, and an effort to reconcile the two will start after Congress returns from its August recess.

When Jim Mattis was defence secretary, the Pentagon was uncertain to embrace the impression of a Space Force. Trump’s first Pentagon chief initially saw it as potentially redundant and not the best use of defence dollars. His successor, Mark Esper, has cast himself as a strong supporter of creating both a Space Force and a command dedicated to space.

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