Statement Jewelry; Trends To Consider

statement jewlery


Statement jewelry is mostly about exposure. It’s bout the opportunity to draw roaming looks. It’s the first thing that people notice about a person. And that is exactly what its purpose is. When a piece of jewelry dangling from a celebrity’s ear catches your eye before the outfit does, then that piece is known to be a part of the statement jewelry family.


As the name suggests, it is about making a “statement”. It sharpens the individual’s persona while edging the overall outfit.


What Does “Statement Jewelry” Mean?

There are a lot of characteristics that work together to make a piece of jewelry considered a “statement”. These characteristics include color, shape, volume, and quantity. Statement jewelry is distinctive and confident, which allows the owner to reflect who they are in their physical presence. People wear it as a way to create a statement on who they are and what they want. In a nutshell, the statement is contrary to the subtle. It’s colorful, large, or decidedly intricate. It’s the most polished, luscious, and effortless way to steal and to stay in the spotlight.


What Are The Types Of Statement Jewelry?

The Statement Earrings:

Yes, statement earrings can look so fancy. But yes, they can be heavy on your ears as well. Statement earrings are the easiest and safest option to ride the ladder of boldness. They can be so catchy and screaming volumes of your stylishness. The trick in statement earrings is to wear mismatched pieces of earrings. There is no denying that mismatched earrings have been the top trending fashion style of earrings. Yet, from a ‘statement’ perspective; they’re much more powerful this way.


statement earring


The Necklaces Statement Jewelry:

Necklaces themselves are a strong and bold way to show off your personality. Imagine adding a statement to your necklaces’ accessories box. By nature, necklaces are first to draw the attention of passersby as they’re occupying the front side of you. Thus, statement necklaces will be the first thing people notice about you. And hence, it got to be powerful and representable. Accordingly, you will go with something big, colorful, and unique.


statement necklace


The Statement Bracelet:

Bracelets are the first type of jewelry little girls use to express themselves. it starts from the cute nostalgic friendship bracelets, up to these courageous and classy statement bracelets. However, it can be a challenging task to find the right statement bracelet that elegantly fits your hand and personality. But it easily has the widest variety of statement jewelry out there. There is a lot to choose from. You can go bold with the quantity of these necklace bracelets of the shape and color of them. You have no idea how much a statement bracelet can draw attention to who you are and what you represent.


statement bracelete

The Statement Rings:

Basically, statement rings are our favorite statement jewelry type. That’s because of the endless options that you can enjoy to express yourself by these small, yet, powerful jewelry wrapped around your fingers. Fashion jewelry experts recommend that wearing one statement ring per hand is fairly enough. Too much of something can give reverse results. These rings can be so complex, classy, and expressive.



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