Need A Reason To Stay Single? Here Is Five.

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Forget about all the drama T.V. shows or romantic movies you’ve watched since you were a little kid. Women are changing now; and new relationship trends are taking place. Single life is the new ideal life. Not all women are desperately searching for their prince charming to save them from a pool of mud. A lot of women threw the fantasies of being princesses and queens behind their backs. Nowadays, the majority of women, in fact, prefer going solo. Do you need a reason to stay single? We have the list for you.

Reason #1: Refusing to settle down.

Some women prefer to stay single because they’re waiting for the perfect guy out there to show up at their doorsteps. He’ll come eventually, won’t he? No one actually knows the answer to this question. However, some females are indeed perfectionists and won’t settle down for an unrewarding job; let alone an undeserving guy. They know better; and they want to deserve better. They have no time to waste on someone who won’t be compatible with their standards.


Reason #2: Choosing single life as a defense mechanism.

Personal relationships are not always dreamy and perfect; people can actually get hurt. Hence, previous painful relationships will only lead to remorse and unattachment, and therefore, there will be no interest in being in a relationship any time soon. Some women will instantly have flashbacks of the hurtful memories and moments; and that happens unwillingly. That’s why they subconsciously find themselves pushing other people away; because they don’t want to be hurt again by someone that they let themselves fully trust.

Single woman

Reason #3: The “strong independent woman” midset boosts single women.

If you wish to understand women, then you first have to understand their history. Years and centuries of oppression and unfairness lead a lot of women to fight for being independent and on their own without the control of “men”. Women want to feel equally deserving in their communities; and some of them believe that being in a relationship would put them under the mercy of the masculine party. That, however, is not necessarily or entirely true. Yet, it is true that women have more sense of liberty and freedom in the time being. They can work and provide for themselves without the need for a single male in the picture. Read more about how successful women are prospering.

Reason #4: Peace of mind.

Basically, a lot of women find peace of mind in the state of being single. They don’t have to worry about making plans, planning gifts and nights, or worrying about someone else’s problems. Some women already have a lot of problems on their own that they cannot put up with anyone else’s crap.

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Reason #5: Fear of commitment can lead to single life.

Although the fear of commitment is something that is stereotypically associated with guys, some women have it as well. Fear of commitment may arise in dating, and even in marriage. And it’s when one or both partners are unwilling to invest fully emotionally in a relationship. Some individuals just don’t see themselves fit to commit to one person for their whole lives and that’s why they’d rather be alone than falling in love then breaking hearts.

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Eventually, not all women are the same. Every woman has her reasons, ideologies, and desires. And all women deserve to be happy; whether they’re in a relationship or not.

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