Husband of Nancy Ajram Has Been Arrested After Shooting Thief 16 Times

Nancy Ajram
Nancy Ajram

The Lebanese media reported that the thief who was covering his face with a mask was shot 16 times when he intruded house of Nancy Ajram.

The news also reported that her husband Dentist Fadi Al Hashim got detained after he shot the burglar Mohammed Al Mousa. He was also prevented from travelling outside Lebanon until investigations prove him innocent.

Nancy Ajram said at a small press conference, posted online by LBC Group, breaking her silence on the incident, “I want to thank God, firstly, for saving us from this catastrophe. Thankfully my husband and my children are well.”

“What happened to us, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Our children were aware and could hear what happened.”

Rumors had circulated around the identity of the robber, with some alleging that he had been a former employee of the couple, which Ajram denied.

“The person who entered our house, we don’t know him and he does not work for us,” said the pop star.

“Before anything, Fadi is a father and a husband who has responsibilities. He’s a human being. None of us wish for what happened to happen, and I want to send my condolences to his family. But what Fadi did was a response to six or seven minutes of threatening.

“To anyone who is criticizing Fadi, put yourself in his shoes and see what your response would be.”

The 16 shots allegedly included three to the chest, two to the abdomen and seven in the back, according to Egypt Today.

Surveillance footage depicting the lead-up to the incident, broadcast by several media outlets and social media accounts, showed Al Mousa entering through the balcony before a verbal confrontation between him and Al Hashim took place.

Public prosecutor Ghada Aoun has requested the Jounieh detective department to continue investigations into the incident, after Al Mousa’s family called for a re-examination of his cause of his death, according to the Daily Star.



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