Hair Cutting Styles of 2020; Top 5 You Should Consider

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The last couple of years have witnessed a lot of hairstyle trends; some of which survived on, and some slowly disappeared. Yet, the hair cutting styles of 2020 are on another level. However, just so you know, just because a haircut is trending, it doesn’t mean it’s a new haircut. It can be an old haircut style that has been modified or enhanced to fit into today’s beauty standards.

Who knew a woman could look and feel more powerful because of a new haircut? Well, this is what it looks like in the following most popular hairstyles of 2020. Some of these haircuts are such a bold choice to make, and some are easy styles for the non-risk takers. Always weigh your options and see what suits your face before jumping on these scissors.

Hair Cutting Style #1: The Modern Shag:

The shag cut is a hairstyle where you layer your hair into different lengths. The layers are feathered on the top and sides. Because of the layers, the hair looks full around the crown and it thins at the edges. It’s a unisex hairstyle. Long shags are perfect for girls who enjoy movement and long hair. And short shags look just as great with softer edges.

The Modern Shag

Hair Cutting Style #2: The Rounded Fro:

In this hair cutting style, the hair is shaved or shortened to form the natural curves into the roundest possible shape. This haircut is such a natural one. It’s giving the hair what it needs; freedom. These curls are trending for a reason. A lot of women’s hair naturally grows into this style, but some of them have to be cut and shaped.


The Rounded Fro


Hair Cutting Style #3: The Asymmetrical Bob:

The asymmetrical bob is often highly feminine and non-conformist. Stylists claim it was the most wanted haircut in the 2000s. What makes this hairstyle unique is the difference in lengths in different areas of the hair. For example, it can be shorter in the back and longer in the center. There might also be a variation in length between the left and the right side. It all depends on how you part and divide your hair. But overall, if you can nail this look, you’re one of the lucky brave ones.

Asymmetrical Bob

Hair Style #4: The 70’s Bangs:

This hairstyle is an inspirational and nostalgic one. These are not just any 70’s bangs that are trending in 2020; we’re talking about the “curtain bangs”. These bangs sweep to both sides of the face instead of a full-on bang. What’s good about this haircut is that it can safely look flattering on all face shapes.

hair cutting style: The 70’s Bangs

Hair Style #5: The One Length Haircut:

Basically, the one-length hairstyle gets along very well with long hair or with a short bob. As the name suggests, this haircut is all about the structure of the hair. What’s great about this hairstyle is that it’s suitable for those who want their long hair to be layer-free and fuss-free. It’s a very simple, yet bold haircut that speaks for itself.


The One Length Haircut


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