Five Facts about Evacuations in Florida You Must Know

Know your evacuation zone ahead of Hurricane Dorian's potential impact on the First Coast
Emergency evacuation • Florida

The state of Florida has selected evacuation regions in most of the state’s beach counties.

While the internal counties do not have evacuation regions, law implementation agencies support all Floridians to teach themselves about evacuating in emergency.

1- IDENTIFY YOUR ZONE: the Florida state contain 40 counties with “Designated Evacuation Zones”. Four Central Florida counties have the name: Lake, Brevard, Flagler and Volusia.


2- No tolls: Only the governor can hang tolls on certain toll roads in the state to simplify evacuations. Tolls will be reinstated after peoples return to their home after a storm finished.


3- KNOW YOUR WAY: Certain ways in the state are designated as evacuation routes.


4- ZONE SPECIFIC EVACUATIONS: Counties with no “Designated Evacuation Zones” can still call for evacuations. The areas won’t refer to zones and instead will refer to geographic borders.


5- DRIVING ON THE SHOULDER: To facilitate evacuations, the governor can order “Emergency Shoulder Use”. ESU was first implemented during Hurricane Irma in 2017, but it’s only allowed on certain state roads. Overhead signs will dictate if your major highway allows shoulder use.


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