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Election:How to Become the US President?

electing a president
The USA Election

The intensified race for the White House has begun. The result of the 2020 US presidential election will have an effect around the world.

So how to become the president of the United States? There are some requirements for presidential candidates to become the US president.  These Requirements have stayed the same since the year Washington accepted the presidency.   A presidential candidate has to be a natural-born citizen of the United States, a resident for 14 years, and 35 years of age or older.  These qualifications do not prohibit women or minority candidates from becoming the US president.

become US president
2020 Election

An election for president of the United States takes place every four years. The next presidential election will be November 3, 2020.

Most candidates have a political background and have occupied an elected position, like a senator, governor, vice-president, or member of Congress. Moreover, Many modern candidates have university degrees and more than half of the US presidents graduated from the law
Most candidates, past and present, have struggled to nominate their own party. Now, many politicians make this their life’s work as they move from the city, to state, to national office.

Presidential Primaries and Caucuses

Before the general election, most of the presidential candidates run through a series of state primaries and caucuses. Though primaries and caucuses are run differently, they both serve the same purpose. They let the states select the major political parties’ nominees for the general election.
Conventions end the party’s choice of the presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

To become the presidential nominee, a candidate typically has to win a majority of delegates. This is usually done through the party’s primaries and caucuses. Thus, the vote of the delegates at the national convention confirmed that.

But if no candidate obtains the majority of a party’s delegates during the primaries and caucuses, convention delegates choose the candidate. This happening through further l rounds of voting.

What are the main parties in the US election?

The main parties considered by most voters – the Democrats (the liberal party) and the Republicans (the right-wing party).

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Republican and Democrat campaigners carrying flags with donkey and elephant symbols

Many political parties have played a role in American presidential elections throughout America’s history. The diverse circumstances of historical eras and the different ideologies of America’s people gave rise to these political parties. Undoubtedly, the parties  prompt specific principles, and the candidates who represented them
Today, America is a multi-party system. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are dominant. Yet other parties, such as the Reform, Libertarian, Socialist, Natural Law, Constitution, and Green Parties can support candidates in a presidential election.  political parties will likely continue to play a major role in presidential elections.

Persuading Voters: Political Campaigns

Reaching the white house is not easy. However, it’s expensive and exhausting. Becoming a candidate is only the start of the election road. Successful candidates must both persuade voters that they deserve their individual votes and garner the critical votes of electors in the Electoral College.

Persuading voters is the core of a political campaign. Therefore, Candidates use advertising, theme songs, stump speeches, and even negative campaigning, and technology to persuade voters.

Do you want to be the new President of the United States? So you have to build your campaign for a presidential election: Building arguments to support timely issues, raise funds to support your campaign, and Keep campaign momentum through targeted media campaigns and personal appearances.

How do you win a general election?

The chosen Democrat and Republican candidates contest a general election in November 2020.

The popular vote – the sheer number of votes received by each candidate – will not determine the winner of the 3 November general election.

That comes down to the “electoral college” vote. A simple majority of 270 out of the 538 votes available wins the White House. Accordingly, this makes some states very vital to candidates, as more populated states have a bigger number of electoral votes.

you may win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote. That happened to Democrats Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

What is the US electoral college?

In other U.S. elections, the popular vote elects the candidates. But the president and vice president are not elected directly by citizens. Instead, they’re chosen by “electors” through a process called the Electoral College.

Each state deserves a certain amount of “electors” –  based on the size of the state’s representation in Congress.
18 years of age or older citizens of the united states have the right to vote for presidential candidates in the national election.  When citizens cast their ballots for president in the popular vote, they vote for a slate of electors. Electors then cast the votes then decide who becomes president of the United States.

Usually, electoral votes consistent with the popular vote in an election. But a number of times in history, the person who took the White House did not receive the most popular votes.

U.S. presidents aren’t elected by the popular vote, but by the electoral college. There are 538 electors in the electoral college, each has a vote. It takes 270 electoral college votes for a candidate to win the presidency.

Map of the U.S. showing the number of electoral college votes by state:US electoral college

The six biggest states are California (55), Texas (38), New York (29), Florida (29), Illinois (20), and Pennsylvania (20).

What happens if no-one wins the Electoral College?

If no single candidate receives most of the electoral votes, then the House of Representatives will elect the president from the highest three candidates. The Senate will select the vice-president from the remaining two candidates.

Nevertheless, this happened rarely,  it’s happened once before: John Quincy Adams won the White House this way in 1824

What happens after announcing a winner?

us election
The white house

A quick transition period will follow the election, allowing a new president to pick cabinet members and make plans.

In January, the new president is sworn in at an occasion called the inauguration. The 20th Amendment to the Constitution mandates inauguration to take place on 20 January.

After a ceremony at Congress, the president makes his way back to the White House in a parade to start their four-year term.

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