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Corona ‘s stretching. Panic from a deadly virus and suspicious videos


The stretch of Corona.

Despite the alarming panic in many countries over the emerging CORONA virus, which appears to have become more deadly, who has not yet declared an international emergency.

Pending the announcement, the deadly virus began to spread to new countries as Australia on Saturday recorded its first confirmed case in Victoria, with the patient hospitalized in a stable condition in a Melbourne suburb, state health officials said.

Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos told reporters that the patient, a 50-year-old Chinese, arrived from China on January 19 on a flight from Guangzhou. “It is important to stress that there is no reason for the community to worry, the patient is isolated and being treated and we do not have any other suspected cases at this stage,” she said.

Malaysia on Saturday announced the first three confirmed cases of MERS-CoV. Health Minister Zulkifli Ahmed said the three were linked to the 66-year-old man, who Singapore’s health authorities had previously confirmed was positive.

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Third injury in France

Also, the French Ministry of Health confirmed on Friday evening the third infection in its territory of the new coronavirus, which first appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The three had resided in China and had been taken to hospitals in Bordeaux (south-western France) and Paris, and procedures were taken to “isolate them”.

Earlier, French Health Minister Anias Bizon announced at a press conference the first two confirmed cases of Corona. These two cases are the first cases in Europe, Bezon said, noting that other cases are likely to appear in the country.

U.S. officials said two people were injured.

Cases were also reported in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Nepal.

1,300 infected in China

In China, the source of the virus, authorities announced Saturday that the number of infections has risen to about 1,300.

The National Health Committee said in a statement that at least 444 new cases of the virus had been detected, bringing the total number of infections to 1,287.

The strangest video

At the same time, videos have been posted on social media showing panic in hospitals, bodies stuck and injured. Perhaps the most bizarre video is the one that showed a man standing on a Chinese street, before falling to the ground in a jiffy.

While Maghadun indicated that he had a corona.

More hardy actions


China, which has already imposed restrictions on movement and gatherings, will take tougher measures, state television said, citing a meeting of the State Council on Friday.

“Didn’t stop”
“The spread of the virus has not stopped… Local authorities must take more responsibility and have a stronger sense of emergency.”

The Ministry of Defense said it was preparing medical experts to help deal with the virus, without going into details.

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