Club Sandwich Recipes

club sandwich recipe
Club Sandwich

A Club Sandwich is one of the most distinguished sandwiches on any menu! Most restaurants have some version of a club sandwich recipe on their menu.

What makes a club sandwich recipe iconic is the unique way it is stacked with three layers of bread and then cut into quarters and secured with a toothpick.

It got the name “club sandwich” from the gambling houses (or clubhouse ). The club was designed to be a whole meal in a single sandwich. Since then, this sandwich has become an iconic classic, available at restaurants worldwide. Try a classic club sandwich recipe, or adjust the ingredients to suit your tastes. Pair it with some fries or potato chips. Enjoy!

What is Club Sandwich Ingredients?

  • Turkey
  • Cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Mayo

slices of white bread

How to make a club sandwich?

Making a club sandwich can be as easy or as elaborate as you want! With a few simple steps, you can create a basic club sandwich. You can add a few extra layers or toppings and you can dress this sandwich up as much as you want.

Classic Double-Decker Club Sandwich

1-Fry 2-3. Fry the turkey until it’s crisp and foamy. Blot turkey with a paper towel to remove the grease, then set it aside until you’re ready to assemble the sandwich.

For a quick alternative, you can use pre-cooked or microwavable turkey.

Be careful when you’re frying the bacon since the grease can splatter and burn you! Use a good pair of tongs to help you turn it safely.

club sandwich
fry the turkey until it is crisp.

2-Toast 3 slices of white sandwich bread. toasted until it gets crisp.

To make a traditional double-decker club sandwich, toast 3 bread slices so you can place 1 in the middle of the sandwich. Or, if you prefer a simpler single-layer sandwich, use 2 slices instead. However, If you want to reduce the calories of this sandwich, eliminate the middle slice of bread.

3-Spread mayonnaise on 1 slice of bread. Use a knife to spread a thin layer of mayonnaise onto 1 side of the bottom piece of toast sandwich. But, it stills perfect to leave it off, if you don’t like it, or don’t want the extra calories.

toast club sandwich
Toast 3 slices of bread.

4-Layer on the sliced chicken or turkey.

On top of the bottom slice of bread, add a few pieces of thinly sliced poultry. Chicken is the traditional choice, but you can use turkey instead.

slice up your own freshly roasted chicken or turkey breast if you would like a thicker sandwich.
The meat on a club sandwich is almost always cold. If you want to roast your chicken or turkey for a club, keep it cool to at least room temperature before making the sandwich.

add turkey to toast
Layer on the sliced chicken or turkey

5-End the first layer with some lettuce and tomato.

Add 1-2 leaves of lettuce, and 1 or 2 slices of fresh tomato.
Spinach and other greens are also great options. Finally, add pepper and salt.

add tomatoes to the club sandwich
add tomatoes and lettuce.

6-  Add another slice of bread and mayo.

To start the second layer, you can put another slice of toasted bread, with mayo on both sides. Feel free to hold the mayo, or leave the middle slice without it.
If you choose not to add the middle layer of bread, add mayo to just 1 side of your second piece of toast. Put the chicken or turkey on the sandwich, top it off with the second bread slice, and you’re done.

add mayo
Add mayo to bread.

7-Add another layer of chicken or turkey, tomato, and lettuce.

Begin with chicken or turkey, then put the lettuce and tomato on top. Go to the second layer a little easier, so the sandwich doesn’t become heavy on top.

8-put the final piece of toasted bread at the top of the sandwich.

When you finished your tower, top it all off with another slice of bread, press it down slightly to get the sandwich under control. If you like, you can add mayo to the top slice before stacking it on.

add bread to club sandwich

9-Cut the sandwich along both diagonals.

Now comes the fun part. One of the most foremost features of the club sandwich is the way it’s cut. Use diagonal slices to form those classic little triangles and show off all the delicious stuff inside! To begin, cut your sandwich from corner to corner, across one diagonal. Then, again across the opposite diagonal, cutting it into 4 triangle-shaped slices.
Use a chef’s knife for the best results. If you made a classic double-decker, you’ve got a lot of sandwich layers to cut through.

Push a  toothpick down through the center of each piece of the sandwich to assist hold the sections together.cut the sandwich

10-Pair the sandwich with chips or fries.

French fries and chips are probably the most common, but you can also pair a club with potato salad, colon salad, or green side salad and vinegar. For a warm and calm dish, add a cup of chicken pasta or tomato soup.

club sandwich with fries

Club Sandwich Variations

1- Most club sandwiches are made with plain white bread, but there’s nothing that prevents you from being creative. Try a club made with delicious multi-grain for a little more flavor.
For a real creative sandwich, try using 3 different slices of bread—wheat on the bottom, rye on the top, and pumpernickel in the middle.

2-Add 1 slice of your favorite cheese. Most clubs don’t have cheese, but now you are creative. Sandwich’s rules were made to be broken. put a slice of cheese on top of the middle piece of bread to make your sandwich extra tasty. cheese on bread

3-change the meat to change up the flavor. A club is usually made with poultry, such as chicken or turkey. But what about a roast beef club? A corned beef club?
If you don’t eat meat, try adding grilled vegetables like zucchini slices, eggplant, tempeh, or portobello mushrooms instead of the meat.

4-Mix seasonings with mayo for some extra taste. Plain mayonnaise can make even a bad sandwich serviceable. But with a little extra work,  mayo can be great. Use any of these concoctions to add some more flavor:
-Pesto mayo
-Curry mayo
-Fry sauce (ketchup and mayo)
-Thousand Islands
-Sriracha hot sauce mayo
-Brown mustard mayo
-Mayo and cajun seasoning add mayo to ketchup

5-change condiments to spice up your sandwich. If you like ketchup on your sandwich, add it. moreover, using  Barbecue, Balsamic vinegar, Banana sauce, Louisiana chili sauce will sound great. The club sandwich is a lovely basic recipe that you can change to any tastes. Try it with different sauces to discover your favorite flavor.
use different condiments on each slice of bread to make the layers distinguished and unusual. It’ll be the most significant club ever!

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