Chocolates the sworn enemy for diet!!


Hands up who’s been in this situation: You are crazy with chocolate and it is the ideal chance for starting a diet! so you end up googling for help to keep your relationship with her; let me said the bomb: Yes, you can eat chocolates on a diet, more, it is okay to eat chocolate every day. Surprised right!

You just need to take care in choosing the best dark chocolate that will ensure that you get the best nutritional benefits and antioxidants at the same time. And try to get chocolate that contains very little sugar and a high concentration of cocoa (70% and more).



Top 5 Ways to having Dark Chocolate in Diet:


  1. Eat dark chocolate with some restraint: having a certain amount of chocolate pieces. Eating a piece or two of the chocolate is a moderate amount.


Eat chocolate with passionately and carefully

Make chocolate melts in your mouth, and focus on the delicious taste, instead of chewing and swallowing quickly, which is one of the reasons for psychological comfort. In short: Consider eating Chocolate is a very slow process.


  1. Eat chocolate pieces with your favorite hot drink:

Replace your unhealthy snacks by eating chocolate pieces with a hot drink.


  1. Chocolate drinks are a good choice:

by drinking chocolate drinks you get a delicious taste, with the least amount of calories, but of course you should choose a chocolate drink that is sugar-free, or contains very little of it. Or you can add cocoa to cold milk, if it is within the list of drinks in your dieting routine.


  1. Sprinkle the cocoa powder over your fresh fruit:

in this way you get a delicious cocoa flavor with a fraction of calories, and you enjoy fresh fruits, such as strawberries, berries and even oranges.


With the good kind of chocolate and in the right amount, you can still enjoy this decadent treat as a part of your healthy diet and lifestyle!


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