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Nowadays, it is common for many doctors to seal everything they can not successfully diagnose, allergy. The reason is that allergies are so little known that the diagnosis leaves much room for discussion and explanation. “Unresolved” diagnoses have always been favored by less responsible physicians. Two hundred years ago, a condition that could not be diagnosed was described as “bad mood” and anyone with stomach pain, cancer or gallstones was in a good mood. This was followed by the theory of “acid”, in which strange and mysterious acids were responsible for all undiagnosed conditions.

This does not mean that there are no allergies. There is certainly a strange group of physical reactions that have been titled Allergy. In fact, there are two groups: those on the surface of the body, from the face to the feet, or skin allergies; and those who live in the chest, pharynx, nose or allergy of the respiratory tract. These two groups include the most allergic reactions.

In the airways, they are as common as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, and so on. These conditions are concentrated on the respiratory system, but some (especially hay fever and sinuses) tend to spread to other areas, such as the respiratory tract. B. Eyes that cry, blush and swell during a serious attack. There is good reason to believe that these allergies are associated with vitamin C deficiency: Vitamin C tablets with low potential (natural) have been found to be useful in the treatment of such allergies, like the B complex.

Skin allergies, urticaria and urticaria are partly due to an excess of acid in the body. This should not be confused with the “mysterious acids” of a hundred years ago, to which most diseases have been conveniently attributed. The acids I am talking about are produced directly in the body and absorbed daily by the daily diet. The sensible diet with its balanced intake and its natural form is incompatible with a hyper-acidic condition. To overcome this condition, if it is already present in the body, the system must be completely cleaned.

Herbal laxative pills (1-2 daily for three days); light enemas (1 per day for a week) and the Return to Nature diet provide the complete broom that requires a hyper-acidic condition. The recommendation included daily natural baths with a special focus on the affected area. Pressure baths (showers) on the affected area and a gentle massage (not too fast) after bathing acted. For particularly dry skin, a few drops of olive oil have been applied.

Patients with skin allergies were asked to soften the water used to bathe with a cup of starch. Baking soda should never be used to soften the delicate water of the skin because it is an alkali that has a desiccating and destructive effect over time.

Dry skin should not bathe too often or too long. The baths should go fast and the olive oil can help relieve the oil loss of the skin. Air baths often need to be approved to replace daily water baths that can be lost.

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