A Study calls for benefiting home quarantine to quit smoking

A scientific study showed that “the current situation is a great opportunity for individuals the world to quit smoking permanently because the Coronavirus directly affects the human lung.”
The study, which was published today on the “Nature Scientific” website, noted that “Corona causes symptoms similar to those caused by flu, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and fatigue.”
“But the more serious cases, are those recorded among those who suffer from shortness of breath, and who may be exposed to death as a result of a failure in the respiratory system,” according to the study prepared by three researchers from the University of Newcastle.
The World Health Organization recommends people quit smoking because it makes them more likely to develop COVID-19.
In a previous report, the organization asserts that “tobacco use may increase the risk of serious symptoms from COVID-19 infection. Research conducted earlier indicates that a person’s past with smoking, compared to non-smokers, increases significantly opportunity for adverse health outcomes for patients with corona infection, which may lead them to be in the intensive care, the need for artificial respiration, and facing severe health consequences.
According to data released by China, “Smoking is one of the factors that lead to an increased risk of COVID-19.
According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, “Smoking is a major risk factor for chronic diseases and deaths.”
Smokers are more susceptible to heart disease, which appears to be the highest risk factor for high COVID-19 mortality, according to the University of Oxford Medical Evidence Center that “smoking appears to be a factor associated with poor survival in Italy, where the proportion of smokers is 24%. ”
The study authors added that “people who suffer from immunodeficiency are more at risk if they get COVID-19, as smoking is considered an inhibitor of immunity.”
According to the research, “it is not yet known whether former smokers are at greater risk of developing COVID-19 than people who have never smoked,” he said.
“But given that the lungs recover quickly after quitting smoking, being a former smoker will reduce your chances of recovering from COVID-19.”
In their study, the researchers reported the benefits of quitting smoking, which appear almost instantaneously, “Within 24 days, the body begins to recover and repair, as the lung function improves, and the symptoms of the respiratory system become less severe.”
However, “you may not notice the changes immediately, but it will become apparent within months of quitting smoking.”
“The lung cilia will also improve and non-smokers will start to feel that they are breathing more easily.”
Symptoms of chronic bronchitis, such as coughing, mucus production and wheezing (loud wheezing) will decrease quickly as well.
Among the benefits are also “improved lung function among people with asthma within a few months of quitting smoking and treatments are more effective, along with respiratory infections such as the bronchi and others.”
The World Health Organization, in its same report, considered that “this time is the most appropriate to stop tobacco use and smoke of hookah to mitigate the damage caused by COVID-19 disease.” Non-smoking also helps to reduce the chances of touching the mouth with the fingers, It is also possible that current smokers can better cope with associated illnesses if they are infected. ”
the reach stated that “quitting tobacco use has a direct positive effect, often on lung, cardiovascular functions, and this improvement increases over time, and this improvement may enhance the ability of COVID-19 patients to cope with infection and may reduce their risk of severe symptoms.”

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